Hizbullah Stands Firm Against Israel Compromise

Hassan Nasrallah once again repeated Hizbullah rhetoric about the need to defeat Israel and restore Palestine to the Arab people. There was not a sign of any compromise or willingness to seek a realistic solution to the current conflict. Nasrallah shouted, “Palestine, from the sea to the river is the property of Arabs and Palestinians and no one has a right to give up even a single gran of earth or one stone, because every grain of the land is holy. The entire land must be returned to its rightful owners.” He made clear his group was not interested in seeking any involvement of the United States or any nation is helping the people of Palestine to attain peace and prosperity.

The tragedy of Palestinians and other Arabs is the presence of charismatic leaders who pontificate and boast for the audience at hand since they always prefer words to actual a resolution of problems. President Ahmadinejad, his fellow master of rhetoric rather than reality said similar things in his UN comments. Neither of these leaders has the slightest interest in reaching a compromise that will empower Palestinians to gain authority of their own destinies and have their own nation. As far as Nasrallah is concerned a photo op always takes precedence over discussing issues of substance.