Hollywood Versus Bollywood

I was raised in a world in which the most romantic thing any girl could do would be to fall in love with the boy next door. This would mean that two families were now joined in love and soon there would be happy grandparents. Alas, that was my childhood, and that is not the them of Bollywood epics. Saba Maqsood, the girl next door fell in love with Muhammad Qaiser, the boy next door and there was no stroll in the moonlight, not arms thrown around them by joyous parents. They had violated the number one rule of life in Muslim Pakistan. Under no conditions is any girl to fall in love with anyone other than whom dad and mom say is the object of marriage.

In other words, that word, “love” simply is not part of the Pakistan vocabulary. Saba and Muhammad got married. This resulted in Saba being seized by her parents and relatives who took her to a canal, hit her with two bullets, put her in a sack and dumped the body into the canal. Fortunately, this was a gang that could not shoot straight so Saba lived. Naturally, as far as police are concerned, the only crime was failure to shoot straight!