Holocaust Denier Denys Recanting Over Denial

The British bishop who has questioned the existence of a Holocaust in Europe during World War II refuses to accede to the request by Pope Benedict that he renounce “in an absolutely unequivocal and public” way his statements that only 200,000 Jews died during WWII. Bishop Richard Wiliamson said he was have to “examine historic evidence” before he could re-evaluate his views. “It is not about emotions but about historic evidence” and claimed he was aware there might be people who actually disagree with his crazy ideas. There are thousands of books about the Holocaust, films made at the time, diaries by both Jews and Nazis, and still Mr. Williamson is unaware there might have been a Holocaust.

The Pope has been left holding the bag by this vicious little man who hides in the shadow of ignorance to cover up his blatant ant-semitism let alone his refusal to grasp that hundreds of thousands of gays and Roma were also killed. Surely, this man has no place in the Catholic religion.

Perhaps, the good bishop could explain what happened to the six million Jews who were in Europe in 1939 and were not there in 1945. Does he think they all went to Las Vegas and Florida in search of sunshine?