Homeland Security Nails Terrorists!!

Sometimes, when I have nothing else to worry about, my mind drifts to Homeland Security and its war on terrorism. I assume that is still their concern. So, I was happy to learn that our twenty billion dollar organization scored another run in its fight against terrorism in America. Homeland Security, along with the New York City police department announced the arrest of some cops, a rabbi, and a Boy Scout leader for the horrible crime of –pornography! OK, so you might not regard porno as of the same danger to American society as does Homeland Security, but don’t you feel a bit safer knowing that our terror experts are devoting their time and energy to cleaning up the porno terror which threatens the very foundation of our American society?

The cops and Homeland Security seized computers, laptops, smart phones,dumb phones and whatever in their war to end pornography in the good old USA. Of course, I am a bit confused, what is that stuff on TV and on the Internet -day and night? OK, so who poses the real danger to society -an old rabbi who drools about porno pictures or some guy with a bomb ready to blow something up??