Horror Of Hate

In the Central African Republic hate has discovered thousands of new friends who intend to ensure their buddy has an opportunity to kill and kill. The horror began last fall when the 15% Muslim minority created an army that was able to seize control of the capital, Bangui and proceed to unleash an orgy of murder that led to the death of thousands of Christians. Last month the Muslim group was defeated and now Christians have decided that what was done to them now must be done to any and all Muslims. Thousands have already been killed including all but one inhabitant of a village where troops found the lone survivor, an 11 year old girl who was missed by forces of hate. The streets were filled with bodies and dogs were having a feast.

Fear has swept the Muslims and a convoy of cars, some containing ten people, attempted to leave Bangui. Shouts from Christians warned those in the cars, “we are going to kill you all.” Although the convoy was protected by troops, they were advised to return to their local mosque and wait. This is madness gone unchecked. It simply is another piece of evidence that when “religion” is unchecked by civilized law and order, the result is death and destruction.