How Palestinians Regard Prime Minister Netanyahu

The media over the past several days has been filled with stories concerning the aggressive and arrogant behavior of the Israel government policies of building in East Jerusalem. We present how most Palestinians might react to Israel’s actions.

We have been engaged in conflict for over half a century, a struggle that has not benefited either one of the parties. We Palestinians have elected a government that is dedicated to reaching a peaceful accord with the Israel government. Our leadership agreed to return to the bargaining table and ignore our concerns because American diplomats gave assurances the Israel government was interested in negotiation. The decision to construct 1,600 houses in East Jerusalem was an insult since it was designed to create a situation in which our representatives would have to abandon the negotiation table.

PM Netanyahu insists Palestinians can not set preconditions for discussions, but he also insists there will be no negotiation over the issue of return of refugees. On one hand, Palestinians can not set the agenda, on the other hand, Israel can decide what will be discussed. This is the emotional climate which the Netanyahu government has created because there is no evidence of any desire for peace unless it is completely on terms laid out by Netanyahu.

The real question is whether the American government will finally take a stand for peace.