Hurricane Isaac Vs Hurricane Chris

The Republican convention is being battered by two hurricanes. Hurricane Isaac is blasting away at roads, buildings, the convention center, but an even greater storm hit delegates to the gathering of the faithful who believe God is on their side and hates Muslims, particularly those in the White House. Hefty, beefy, Chris Christie rambled on for nearly sixteen minutes before getting around to mentioning the name  of the guy who is running for president. Mitt something is his name.

Delegates were treated to over a half hour of a speech which was intended, not to get into Mitt, but to make certain everyone knows there is a guy named Chris Christie who should be running this year for president. In many respects, Chris is THE perfect candidate. He is:

1. A bully

2. A man who claims to have made New Jersey beat the recession even though it has a 9.8% unemployment rate.

3. A man who understands the number one problem confronting America is–Teacher Unions!! Once we reduce teacher pay and teacher retirement pay, prosperity will soon be with us.

4. Let us reduce taxes on the wealthy because we need them to have gobs of  money to purchase yachts and hire servants.

5. Oh, and don’t forget to vote for some guy named–what was that name again, oh, Mitt something!!