I Am A Religious Man, I Don’t Obey The Law!

Many years ago while serving at headquarters of the US 7th Army, I encountered a  soldier who decided to change his religion every month in order to claim a special privilege that went along that month for being a Buddhist or a Seventh Day Adventist. We checked rule books and discovered it was legal. The Obama administration seeks to appease those who believe it is their “Constitutional Right”not to provide medical insurance coverage to those whose desire for abortion issues goes against their religious beliefs. I had to tell the President but it would be legal for someone to claim ALL MEDICAL INSURANCE violates their rights since their religion does not believe in any form of medical assistance.

Or, what if I claim my religion does not believe in things like unions and “the government” has no right to make me provide assistance to those people who belong to unions? And, so on and  so on. Religion does NOT belong in government.  Check it out-it’s in the Constitution.