Idiot Israel Idea Of The Week-Kidnap Ahmadinjad

Israeli Cabinet Minster Rafi Etian, a onetime spy who was involved in the operation that led to the capture of Adolf Eichmann, made the ridiculous suggestion that Israel should set about kidnapping the president of Iran, and whisk him off to the Hague where he would be put on trial. “Any way to bring him to trial in the Hague is a possibility.” One can assume the charge would be that he made inane remarks about the Holocaust and advocated wiping Israel off the map. One problem with the suggestion of kidnapping an putting on trial an individual who had made outlandish ideas about Jews is that some Jewish leaders have also made comments concerning Arabs. As Mr. Etian is well aware there are members of the Israel government who would like to see their nation extend its borders and drive Arabs from certain lands.

In this day and age, actions must always speak louder than words. The real crimes of Ahmadinejad are not what he has said or done about Jews, but his policies of repression of Iranian dissidents.