Ignorance Can Be Bliss

Several months ago Nobel Prize winner in economics, Paul Krugman confessed that even he does not quite grasp the intricate financial manipulations of our bright people on Wall Street. They have developed intricate fomulas and algorithims  which only a special few truly understand. In Japan, Taro Aso, a deputy prime minister admitted that many Japanese bankers simply could not grasp the intricate financial fooling around so common on Wall Street. Although, “many people fell prey to dubious products, or so-called subprime loands, Japanese bankers were not so much attracted to these products”  because they never understood what the heck  was going on. In fact, he noted, “managers of Japanese banks hardly understood English, that’s why they didn’t buy.”

Is it possible to secure Japanese bankers to run our banks. We specifically only want bankers who do not understand English-Please!