India’s God Of Fire Missile!

The world is currently consumed with confronting Iran’s missile development program because of fear that as more and more nations obtain nuclear capability the world is less and less safe. India is testing a new nuclear capable missile which can go thousands of miles and hit targets anywhere in Asia as well as in parts of Europe. It is a 50 ton 20 rocket which is capable of inflicting enormous damage to     its target.

India regards China as a potential enemy since both nations have previously engaged in wars over trivial areas in the Himalaya mountains. India leads the world in purchasing military equipment have received $36 Billion worth of them during the past five years. It also has 70 nuclear weapons to counter the 410 of China.

I get confused, isn’t forty or fifty atomic bombs capable of destroying a good part of the world? I also wonder why the world is so concerned over Iran which has yet to develop a single atomic bomb. I wonder why.