Indonesia Threatens Muslim Sect With Prison

The government of Indonesia has warned a Muslim sect whose ideas do not coincide with mainstream Muslim belief it faces possible punishment unless followers are willing to return to orthodox beliefs. A document issued by the Attorney General stated bluntly, a warning that orders “all Ahmadiyeh followers to stop their activities” or face up to five years in prison. Those who believe in the Ahmadiyeh Muslim religion do not believe Muhammed was the only prophet and believe there can be other prophets.

The Indonesian constitution guarantees freedom of religion to a nation which contains people of diverse religious beliefs. Unlike some Muslim societies, non-Muslims enjoy the right of religion, but, apparently this does not include Muslims who disagree with the majority. Indonesia’s government has been under pressure from fundamentalists to completely ban the Ahmadiyey sect, but apparently fear and threats are being used to force them into the mainstream.

Of course, one might pose the question–what type of Muslim is one who is forced to accept Muslim beliefs against his/her will?

  • Jeugenen


  • Ari

    The link to the article does not work; is this old news??

  • Fred Stopsky

    It happened a few days ago. Sorry, something may have gone wrong.

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