Iran Identifies Key Issue!

The government of Iran is determined to ensure that its people are respected throughout the world. OK, so US led sanctions are slowly destroying the  Iranian economy, OK, so it is difficult to sell oil, OK, so it is difficult to conduct business activities, but these are simply minor issues facing the great republic of Iran. Members of the Khordad Foundation are increasing the bounty on the head of writer Salman Rushdie from $2.8 million to $3.3 million. I guess this takes into account the inflation rate since the first offer was made.

One can only wonder how or why some religious leaders in Iran sit up all night discussing and arguing about who said what and when and why that somehow deals with the early years of the Muslim religion. I have a  hunch that God really does not have time for this foolishness.

Now, if we want to discuss the murder of 27,000 Muslims in Syria, then God would certainly be interested. I wonder if there is a price on the head of President Assad??