Iraq President-Inviation Not Sent To Mideast Meeting

President Jalai Talabani of Iraq will not be attending the upcoming regional ministers that began yesterday in Istanbul. “He is not invited, and he is not coming,” said Iraq’s Ambassador to Anakara, Sabah Omran. Talabani did tell Turkey’s Foreign Minister, Ali Babacan, that he wanted to attend the meeting and was given a nod indicating he would be invited, but nothing came of the nod. Secretary Rice, permanent members of the Security Council and neighboring countries will be present.

Prime Minister Erdogan of Turkey is caught between opposing forces as he attempts dealing with the Kurdish issue. Nationalist forces within his own country are flouting the banner of violence while he knows war might doom his nation’s entry into the European Union. The ineffectiveness of Iraq’s government to handle any form of insurgency adds to problem of conflict resolution. To mtake maters worse, Kurdistan’s leader, Massoud Barzani talks defiantly one day about not surrendering a single Kurd insurgent and the next day he is pontificating how he wants friendship with Turkey.