Iraqis Gain Support

There has been a steady outflow of people from Iraq heading toward European Union nations. During the past year Finland has been wavering about its policy toward Iraqi immigrants. The other day the Directorate of Immigration halted any further repatriation of those people back to their country of birth. This increasingly is an important issue within the European Union as forces opposing immigration argue they should be returned to their native lands.

Esko Repo, head of the asylum unit of the Directorate of Immigration recently said, “Iraqis in need of protection will get decisions on their applications,” and it is unlikely any will be forced to return to Iraq.

Few Americans grasp how our invasion of Iraq has, and continues to cause havoc in many countries of the world. Thousands of Iraqis have fled the chaos we helped create and they are sitting in refugee camps in Jordan or Syria, as well as seeking to begin new lives in Finland, Norway or Germany. The United States government has never accepted responsibility for its actions as they impact other people. We refuse to acknowledge that hundreds of thousands of Iraqis are refugees in lands that will not readily grant them citizenship and prefer that they leave. Finland has an excellent record of welcoming immigrants, but there is no doubt as thousands arrive, it will enable right wing groups to begin preaching hatred toward the newcomer.
Information from Helsingin Sanomat