Is God A Myth?

American Atheists are putting up billboards in Jewish and Muslim neighborhoods that say:

“You Know it’s a myth…. And you have a choice.”

I decided to ask leaders in American society about their  reaction:

Mitt Romney: “I believe in God. Of course, if Atheists are going to vote, I will respect their ideas. Not that I am saying God is a myth, but  a vote is a vote.”

Ron Santorum:  “I checked with God today and He informed me that He is not a myth.”

Ron Paul: “I oppose relations with any foreign groups. We Americans should mind our own business and stay out of the universe.”

Newt Gingrich:  “Of course, I was the one who created the God myth.”

Barack Obama:  “I pray every day and hopefully it is not to a myth.”

Rush Limbaugh:  “Any entity that allows Muslims and terrorists to exist in my book is a slut.”

Sarah Palin: Strange signs, I went bear hunting the other day with God.”