Is Israel A Jewish State Or A Multicultural One?

This is not the most significant story of the day. It is about an incident in New York when two Israel citizens were headed home after a business trip. They went through the security check without any problem, but once in the boarding area they were approached by an El Al security guard and told to remain in her view. They told her to quit pestering them and one went to the rest room. This provoked anger on the part of other security agents who demanded apologies for speaking curtly to the female agent. Oh, the names of the two Israel citizens were Abd al-Wahab and Abd al-Aziz. A Haifa court ruled in favor of the two Israelis. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu constantly insists that Arab nations must recognize his nation as a “Jewish state.” I guess being Muslim in a “Jewish state” makes one –patriotic?

As Mr. al-Wahab noted: “I was crying over the humiliation I was put through despite being a law-abiding citizen all my life.” When will Jewish Israelis grasp that humiliating Palestinians and fellow Israelis is not the road to peace?