Israel Haters Smear Obama Speech

We define an “Israel Hater” as one who urges the nation of Israel to pursue policies that only reinforce isolation and prevent the Jewish people from uniting with their Palestinian brothers and sisters. President Obama made an eloquent explanation of the meaning of the Holocaust and anyone with an iota of brain power understood he was making clear to President Ahmadinejad of Iran and those in the Muslim world who deny the Holocaust that such thinking lacks an historical background. He also spoke of the plight of Palestinians who suffer under the rule of an Israel occupation army that denies people their right to self determination. Rush Limbaugh, the great defender of truth lashed out at Obama for comparing the Holocaust to the suffering of Palestinians. No such comparison was ever made in the speech, but to those who hate Israel and wish it to remain in an isolated position living in constant fear, the very mention that Palestinians have suffered is enough to prove a speaker hates the Jewish people.

In this blog I vigorously attacked Professor Robinson for specifically making a comparison between the Holocaust and the Gaza invasion. President Obama became the first American leader who has spoken out publicly against Israel policies which prevent the people of Gaza from enjoying freedom of movement and policies that illegally seize land of Palestinians. The Palestinian people have suffered, they have endured what Obama termed the indignities that any people under occupation must encounter. That does NOT mean the Israel government has a policy to kill Palestinians or to force them into starvation.

It is a sad day when any Jewish liberal or any supporter of Israel has to rely on the likes of Rush Limbaugh as a spokesman for truth. Barack Obama spoke honestly, he was critical of Muslim extremists and he was critical of certain policies of the Israel government. He made clear American ties with Israel were unbreakable. But, Republican smear artists seek to arouse fear and hate by claiming Obama connected the Holocaust to Israel actions toward Palestinians. These Republicans seek votes, not the truth. These Republicans seek to continue the current impasse in the Middle East, not to forge new bonds of friendship.