Israel Settlers Hurl Defiance

They came by the thousands shouting words of anger and defiance at those who believe the land known as Irael and Palestine rightfully belongs to one and not the other. Members of the Knesset like Danny Danon told the crowd Jews had a right to build everywhere and no one could halt them in constructing housing and other facilities in the West Bank. Prime Minister Netanyahu was termed a renegade who had sold out the people of Israel to President Obama and Palestinian leaders. We are certain any claim that Benjamin Netnayahu is a secret agent of Palestinians must be among the funniest and outrageous statements made in the 21st century.

Speakers went on and on arguing Jews were the object of discrimination as though Palestinians have power to influence anything in the Middle East. Not a single speaker spoke of the rights of Palestinians or portrayed them in human terms. They are abstractions to West Bank settlers, creatures who hover in darkness and are less than human. Isn’t it ironic that in the 21st century, Jews dehumanize others in the same manner their ancestors were portrayed in European history?