Israelis Finally Behave Like Jews!

Those of the Jewish faith who actually believe in the  core principles of our religion understand that historically we have supported the quest for human rights. There are hundreds of  men and women in Israel prisons who  have never been brought to court and allowed to confront accusers and prove their innocence. If Israel police say you are a “terrorist” then it must be true-at least that is the norm for modern day Jews in Israel. Given the presence of terrorists who cares about old fashioned ideas like, “innocent until proven guilty.”

A hunger strike by over 2,000 prisoners in Israel jails finally ended when the Netanyahu government agreed to end solitary confinement, to allow visits by family members and to treat prisoners with respect for their dignity as humans. After the capture of Sgt. Gilad Shalit family visits were prohibited on ground that Shalit could not have family visits. Of course, he was freed months ago, so the reason for maintaining the prohibition is……..  ??

There never will be peace between Israel and Palestinians until the government of Israel initiates steps to respect basic Palestinian rights to their land, to free movement, and to end violence by settlers who seize what does not belong to them–in the name of God!k