Israel’s Appointment In Samarra

There is an old Arab legend of a servant who went to shop and encountered Death in the marketplace. He ran home and told his master. The master decided to flee and go to Samarra in order to avoid Death. The servant returned to the marketplace and scolded Death for frightening his master. Death responded: ” I am sorry, I was just passing through, I have an appointment in Samarra.” The people of Israel by appointing Benjamin Netanyahu as their prime minister have decided to take that trip to Samarra.

Netanyahu’s Foreign Mininister,Avigdor Lieberman had the ambassador from Turkey deliberately insulted. Netanyahu  blundered with the flotilla to Gaza and infurtiated the Turkish government, particularly since 9  of those killed were Turks. One can only wonder about the reaction of Israel if nine Israelis were killed. Turkish Prime Minister Recep Erdogan has been provided ample opportunity that now enables him to pose as defender of Arabs against Israel.

Due to domestic considerations, President Obama has failed to support Palestinian needs and thus allowed right wing extremists in Israel to  control foreign policy decisions. Erdogan is now in Egypt and organizing an anti-Israel coalition. An “apology”from Israel might have avoided the current situation. But, in Israel, pride and West Bank settlers are more important than intelligent foreign policy decisions.

Each day witnesses growing isolation of Israel. Yes, Israel has an appointment in Samarra.