It’s Not Us, It’s Them!

Chaos is spreading throughout Iran as sanctions increasingly cripple the economy and reduce the rial currency to a level not seen in decades. Riot police clashed with protesters,with businessmen, and with those involved in currency exchange. Many businesses in the bazar simply closed their doors even though warned by security forces to remain open. Some openly called President Ahmadinejad a traitor who has mismanaged the economy and caused unnecessary conflict with the outside world.

Gholam  Ali Haddad Adel, an adviser to the president argued it was not the fault of Iran’s government but a “conspiracy” by western powers. “The arrogant powers, in their crude way, think that the nation of Iran is ready to led go of the Islamic revolution through economic pressure” but we will not give in.

The only outcome of continued defiance of the United Nations is economic misery for the people of Iran. They can have the Islamic revolution and they can have economic prosperity, just make rational decisions.