John Pinocchio McCain Wins Award

I assume if President Obama announced that he would soon be the father of a boy, the conservative media would explode in a fury of anger at this blatant attempt by the dude from Africa to become a father figure. Glen Kessler of the Washington Post is their fact checker which means this man will be the subject of anger and hatred for months. Mr. Kessler challenged Senator John McCain’s anger at the swap for Bowe Bergdahl. McCain told the media that he never would have agreed to any such exchange of prisoners. We do admire the bravery of John McCain when he was a POW in a Vietnam camp. He endured torture so he does understand what happens to those who become captive of the enemy.

Kessler pointed out that months prior Senator McCain had supported exchange of prisoners in American jails in order to get Mr. Beghdahl freed. McCain charged that he never would have given up the Muslim prisoners who were part of the exchange. Kessler noted that McCain knew months ago their names and still agreed to the exchange.

John McCain has been awarded with pride an upside-down Pinocchio for his flip flop. So, what do we award Fox News?