Jordan Urges Diplomatic Approaches To Iran

An editorial in the Jordan Times(which reflects official policy) points out US Undersecretary of State William Burns recently testified Iran has only made “modest” progress in its nuclear program, so “why all the fuss about an imminent threat from Tehran against its neighbouring countries, including Israel?” The editorial insists Iran is far from obtaining the capabilities to acquire advanced missile guidance capability which makes its “Shahb 3″ missile system “of dubious military significance. This means there is still time to pursue diplomacy with Tehran and end the standoff over its nuclear ambitions.”

The editor refers to recent development with North Korea which for years was regarded as a rogue nation having the capability of using nuclear weapons. However, as a result of diplomacy, this threat has been ended.

The editor insists “there are signs that the Iranian authorities will blink first over the current standoff since they responded rather favourably to the offer of aid and support from several Western quarters in return for ending the nuclear enrichment programme.”

The Jordan Times editorial raises key issues. Iran is an isolated nation lacking any support from its neighbors in the case of war. It needs assistance, not threats. The use of threats only reinforces Iranian resistance.