Karzai -A Good Man? Or A Corrupt Man?

Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men, President Obama does, and he is convinced that President Karzai is an excellent leader of his nation? Drug lords? Corrupt Officials? Incompetent government officials? Who the hell knows, Obama knows and is convinced that Karzai is “going to be a critical partner in this effort.” Of course, the president never made clear which “effort” he would help to accomplish. But, then again, when it takes an effort to get his friends and brother into positions of power so they can wheel and deal, Hamid is a man for all seasons in terms of ability. Our beloved president sent a letter of support to a corrupt, incompetent, and most probably, emotionally disturbed individual. l

President Obama told ABC News, “I think he has been a partner, but I think he has how own domestic politics that he has to deal with.” Sorry, Barack, so do you have your own domestic politics to play with and making an incompetent person your ally, is not smart domestic or foreign policy politics.