Karzai Cracks Down On Fertilizer!

Critics of the administration of President Karzai constantly attack this brave men for his failures to establish and honest and effective government in his nation. Hopefully, those who oppose Karzai will at least applaud his latest brave effort to bring peace to the people of Afghanistan. The Afgahn president has outlawed sale of ammonium nitrate fertilizer which is used in making roadside bombs. This decision, in effect, means the end of roadside bombs because how could the Taliban get access to this item now that the president has outlawed its use? As we all know, it is impossible for the Taliban to obtain this material from its buddies in Pakistan.

Karzai will be attending a conference with western allies to discuss how to end the war in Afghanistan. One goal is for Afghan troops to be handling security in at least five of the 34 provinces. Say, what ever happened to the Bush promise during the 2004 presidential election that America would establish an Afghan army of 150,000 men? These days, no one blames Bush for anything– unemployment, banking crisis, deficit spending, et…

Oh, the good news, Saudi Arabia will spend about $160,000,000 in Yemen. The US will spend $140,000,000. After all, the Saudis really can’t spare any money from the billions they receive in sale of oil. That money is reserved for Saudis.

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