Keeping Peace In Afghanistan

The days grow shorter before American forces finally leave the nation of Afghanistan and arguments will become more heated as to whether any or some or none would be in that land one year from now. General John Allen, former US commander in Afghanistan insists the job of maintaining peace and security can be done with only a few thousand Americans still in the country. He challenges the figure of 13,000 that is currently being discussed. “I believe there was a number less than that that could still accomplish the mission with acceptable risk.” Of course, Senator John McCain insists we are moving too rapidly and there is need for more troops on the ground.

Reality- no one knows if the current Afghan army can handle the  Taliban. Reality, no one knows if US trainers are able to train an Afghan army led by Afghan officers. It is a crap shoot. Of course, during the 1960s we trained and trained Vietnam officers but the other guys won the war. Will history repeat itself?