Kim Jong-Un Number One?

There is a heavy burden in life when one has been anointed as the all-wise leader of a nation. The burden gets even more heavy when one’s grandfather and father were also hailed as all-wise in matters of life, death, military, prosperity, love, war, and peace. Kim Jong-un took over when dad dropped dead, and most probably wondered how an all-wise man handled mundane issues of economics, politics, war and peace.

Kim Jong-un inherited a decrepit economy, hunger, poverty and a desire for the latest missiles. To begin a new thrust, Kim Jong-un decided to take a very pretty woman as his mate in life, and allowed photographers to prove he is all-wise by taking pictures of his gorgeous wife. He told Chinese reporters that his goal was to develop the economy and improve work opportunities.

The people of North Korea await with anticipation arrival of an all-wise leader who is wise in ways to provide jobs and prosperity for those dwelling in his all-wise country.