Knock, Knock, No Knock

Those who fought the Revolutionary War were deeply concerned about the issue of the privacy of one’s home. They were angry when compelled to house British soldiers in time of strife and this attitude carried over to the writing of the Constitution which protects Americans in the right of deciding who enters their home. I stand corrected, that used to be an American right, but these days the doctrine of “suspicion of having illegal products” or “suspicion of posing a threat to national security’ allows any policeman to enter your home. These days they will be supported by SWAT teams armed for conflict. In 2004, the police in America had about 3,000 examples of summoning the SWAT team to assist in storming a home. Today, the figure was 50,000 such entries last year. It is doubtful if any real threat to national security was ever discovered by a SWAT team.

Homeland Security has poured nearly $35 billion into the budgets of local police stations which enables them to purchase the same equipment as used by soldiers fighting in Afghanistan. One police department in Vermont purchased an armored vehicle to handle security issues at the forthcoming Pumpkin Festival. It is time to utilize a SWAT team for a real problem, not because someone is playing poker at home.