Latin American Holocaust Hero Emerges

A Holocaust story has emerged from the past which reveals the role of the El Salvador government in saving thousands of Jews in Hungary. Colonel Jose Arturo Castellanos, who served as Consul General for the El Savador government in Switzerland, played a vital role in saving thousands of Jews who were destined for the death camps. In Geneva, Castellanos made the acquaintance of Gyorgy Mandl and then appointed him to the fictional role of First Secretary and placed him in charge of organizing an operation to help Hungarian Jews. They gathered blank nationality certificates, had an official stamp on them, and then worked with Carl Lutz, the Swiss Vice Consul to persuade Hungarian and Swiss officials there were thousands of El Salvadorean citizens trapped in eastern Europe. The government of El Salvador played a role in fostering the fictional story by asking for the assistance of the Swiss government in protecting their citizens. Lutz rented an abandoned glass factory and thousands of Jews were sheltered in it.

It s stories such as these that show the goodness of humans and their willingness to risk their own lives in order to help those being brutalized.

  • NAomi

    Am interested in documenting and photographing holocaust tattoos….do you know of people who are still alive that have a compelling story about their tattoo from the camps?

  • Fred Stopsky

    There are many Holocaust Centers in cities like New York, St. Louis, Chicago, etc.. Contact them.