Leave Your Guns At Home!

Unfortunately, for the people of Mexico they are located across the border from the United States of America. During their history, Americans forced Mexico to surrender half their country including Texas and California. One would hope that given what America has taken from Mexico, it would at least cease robbing them of their wealth. The latest example of how Mexicans are bothered by their closeness to the USA is the drug disaster. Mexicans die by the thousands because they are trapped in a cross fire between American hunger for drugs and drug lords desire to sell the product.

Alas, as drug lords fight with one another, they step across the Rio Grande and purchase enormous amounts of guns and other weapons to kill themselves as innocent Mexicans. President Felipe Calderon unveiled a huge sign aimed at Americans.  “No More Weapons.” It went on to plead: “Dear friends of the United States, Mexico needs your help o drop the violence that we’re facing.  The best way to do this is to stop the flow of automatic weapons to Mexico.”

Governor Rick Perry is not impressed. He believes Americans have a constitutional right to assist drug lords to kill the innocent. I am certain Perry’s advice to Mexicans is to stay at home and never leave it if they desire to live!