Leaving Life With A Bang!

There are people who are rushed into an ambulance due to a heart attack and raced through a city while sirens wail away who feel comfortable with the prospect other cars are darting away in order to allow their vehicle to swiftly reach a hospital. But, a hospital in Jutland, Sweden, discovered many heart attack victims were upset and wanted changes in ambulances. “Patients informed us that wailing sirens, engine noise, rattling sounds and noise from electronic equipment were the main stressors” in their lives. The hospital has decided that making noise on the way to doctors is simply not the best policy for these patients. Instead, they will offer heart attack patients a quiet peaceful ride with soft music as the only noise.

Personally, give me a wailing siren because it’s not the noise that concerns me, it is quickly getting to the damn hospital. Quiet music is great for those who are alive, the dead know only the sound of silence.