Legal Procedures In Afghanistan

From day one in the famous “war against terror” that was proclaimed by draft dodgers Dick Cheney and George Bush, the issue as to who is a “legitimate”enemy combat and who is not a legitimate one has been at the center of American law dealing with war. During World War II, the governments of England and the US urged Nazi leaders not to murder those who were opposing their conquest by Germany. It was common for the German army to execute a 100 civilians if a single German soldier was killed by the Resistance. Even children were thrown into  jail for opposing enemy troops in their land. Of course, during the American invasion of Afghanistan in 2001,hundreds of people were thrown into jail on grounds that someone had denounced them as an enemy soldier.

Twelve years later most of those denounced as Islamic militants have not only NOT been charged, but have not even been tried as to whether or not they were guilty of crimes during the invasion. Afghan President Karzai wants the British to turn over captured militants, but they hesitate since there are fears any prisoner turned over will be tortured, if not killed.

I get lost. British authorities have jailed these men for over twelve years and have yet to place them on trial. So, the British worry about them being tortured. What exactly do the British term keeping men in jail without a charge of trial for twelve years?