“Let’s Talk Turkey For Xmas!”

Once upon a time, a long, long, time ago, there was something we called “the United States Congress.” It was composed of men and women who actually believed their first responsibility was for the welfare of their country, not for their own place on the lobbyist hand out line. Republican House of Representative leader, John Boehner, wants to talk turkey with Democrats about how to resolve the issue of extending payroll tax rates. The Republican is a firm supporter of lower taxes, well, at least when it refers to the interests of wealthy people. In his view any tax on the wealthy is simply a nail in the coffin of the American economy.

The US Senate voted 89-10 with Republican joining Democratic senators in keeping the rate at 4.2% in order to encourage greater expenditures by the public and reduce employment costs for employers. However, Congressman Boehner stated: “it’s pretty clear I and Republican members oppose the Senate bill.” Let me get this clear, the party which seeks lower taxes is against lower taxes. The party which will NOT allow any higher taxes on wealthy people is for higher taxes on middle class and poor people. I get it. Republicans were for lower taxes before they came out against lower taxes.

Santa, please don’t bring any lower tax presents for members of the Republican party in the House of Representatives.