Libya Redeux

As some might recall it was just a few years ago that Senator John McCain was demanding action to overthrow the dictator of Libya, our dear friend, Mr. Gaddafi. John argued that action would prevent chaos in that poor nation ruled by a dictator whose only law was what he declared. Mr. Gaddafi is long gone from the scene. Yes, there was the notorious “massacre” of four Americans by a mob and according to Republicans, that “massacre” was even worse than the Holocaust. Libya is free of Gaddafi. But, Libya is not free of militias and clans and groups seeking to impose their rule on the nation.

The region known as Cyrenaica has constantly been in conflict with western Libya, even during the civil war to overthrow Gaddafi. Sheikh Ahmed Zubeir Senussi, head of Cyrenaica announced that his people were declaring autonomy and would rule their own region without interference from the western region. An army is being formed and a government installed.

I assume that John McCain will be urging US intervention in order to restore law and order in Libya. I guess if one American dies, then McCain will demand an investigation into the “massacre.”