Madness In NIgeria

Nigeria is the largest nation in Africa and is divided between Christians and Muslims who reside in northern areas of the country. A few years ago, the Boko Haram emerged as a new terrorist organization and it has used its firepower in order to intimidate the Muslim population and terrify other areas of the country. In its latest attack, the Nigerian army was overwhelmed by “guerrilla sized opponents” who killed at least 140 soldiers. The Boko Haram force attacked in 20pickup trucks along with two small tanks blasting away at soldiers who fled for their lives. Members of the Nigerian army ran out of bullets while their opponents had plenty to fire. One spokesman for the Army said they were still picking up bodies that were strewn along the highway of death. Homes of villagers were destroyed.

One is left wondering about the ineffectiveness of the Nigerian army. One is left wondering what are the sources of weapons for Boka Haram. We do not doubt the religious folk in Saudi Arabia once again are funding Muslim fanatics as they once did in Afghanistan.