Maher In Real Time

The Catholic League is very upset about one of its flock who supposedly has fallen away from the Catholic religion. Bill Maher continues to make sarcastic comments about the new Pope as he did the old Pope and has he does for far too many Catholic priests. He is not a “bad” Catholic, he simply is a Catholic trapped in the words and deeds of Pope John XXIII who attempted to bring his church into the 20th century. Bill Donohoue of the Catholic League insists the other Bill has to quit making those remarks and behave himself. There are not “good” or “bad” Catholics, there are simply those who believe their church should adhere to certain Catholic principles.

Perhaps, the Catholic Church needs to engage in a serious debate and the more voices joining in this discussion the better it is for the Church. The debate might begin by engaging nuns in a serious discussion as to whether changes are necessary in their organization. Nuns love the Church, why not listen to their voices?