Mama Grizzly Bear Hibernating!

Have you ever wondered what has happened to the mom from Alaska who appeared in our lives with words of wisdom and promises of salvation? Months have passed without any outburst from the frozen tundra of Alaska. We are left with a group of born-again Bible quoting God loving candidates who in between blasting one another as incompetent insist God is on their side. How can that be? Mama Sarah Palin speaks to God and she knows that God is a Protestant. So, how can God be a Catholic which Newt claims is the case?

Sarah has only updated her Facebook three times the past month. She no longer goes around speaking for a few hundred thousand dollars. Her attempts to sell one more version of the life and times of the Palin family are greeted with yawns by the media. Roger Ailes of Fox News still has not forgotten she announced that she would not run for president on a talk show rather than on Fox News. We offer an explanation:

1. She figures to allow the current group of idiots to speak in hope, the Republican party will now recognize after Rick and Herman, she is an intellectual giant.

2. There is trouble at home with hubby?

3. She no longer can listen to the sound of her own voice?

4. Stay tuned, I heard a cash register make a noise and it is a certainty Sarah will soon appear to reach in for a few more bucks.