Man Dies Due to Lack of Oxygen — His Fault

The death of Nigerian-Norwegian Eugene Obiora continues causing a furor in Norway. Abid Raja, representing Obiora’s family claims death came about because Norwegian police on three separate occasions employed a stranglehold that caused death and police should be charged with willful homicide. Jens-Ovew Hagen, representing the police officers blames the media for exaggerating the situation and causing a furor. He said: “The cause of death was lack of oxygen, not strangulation in the popular sense of the word. The lack of oxygen has several causes.”

We Americans are familiar with police choking prisoners in their detention which has led to deaths. I believe Mr. Hagen is absolutely correct, Obiora died due to lack of oxygen. Perhaps, Mr. Hagen can explain how an individual in the custody of three police officers found a way, on his own, to have a lack of oxygen. Oh well, these Nigerians are clever aren’t they — they are tricky enough to deprive themselves of oxygen without anyone knowing!