Massachusetts And Politics Of Arrogance

A year ago this blog urged the new president to focus on two issues– restoring the financial stability of the nation and JOBS! We have continually been advocating the importance of providing jobs for people. Mr. Larry Summers who in December, 2009, stated that the “recession was over” is symptomatic of President Obama’s problems. There is no evidence any of his advisers had the slightest grasp of the anger among Americans. What the hell is having health care if you can’t pay the premiums or purchase the medicine? It took Obama until December, 2009 to finally have a “jobs summit.” The establishment spent a day or so talking about the need for jobs, went home, and nothing was done. Initial comments from Obama headquarters blame the loss in Massachusetts to an uninspired campaign by the Democratic senator. Yes, she did a terrible job, but she did not lose because of failure at being dynamic, she lost because people have lost faith that Barack Obama cares about their IMMEDIATE NEEDS!

What must be done by Barack Obama?

1. Pass legislation that temporarily suspends free trade provisions and take a leaf from China by making it compulsory that new green industries must be located in the United States.
2. Pass taxes on the wealthy of this nation including taxes on corporate greed by those who received bailout money. That money should go into a special fund for use in job creation.
3. It is time for Barack Obama to cease behaving like the smartest kid in the class and talk honestly with the American people. His “cool manner” may come across to him as “presidential” but it is poor politics when people do not have jobs. Show passion.
4. During the Depression, Franklin Roosevelt who was born to wealth cast himself as the enemy of big business and Wall Street. He identified with fears of average citizens. Within five months after assuming office, there were jobs for over two million people.. Oh, today we have a 10% unemployment, then FDR confronted a 25% unemployment.
5. Did Franklin Roosevelt make mistakes? Of course, he did. But, he never lost sight of the importance of linking to people.
6. For over a year, this blog has been urging a reduced health care bill. Americans are furious at Obama and Congress for devoting the entire year discussing healthcare when people lacked jobs. The health care reform for year one should have been: (a) make it illegal to deny health care insurance for pre-existing conditions, (b) pass legislation guaranteeing all children under the age of 18 health care run by the national government; (c) focus on technology improvements in health care information. These three laws could have been passed in the last year.
7. Let me add a rather nasty and unfair recommendation. Michelle Obama comes across as a woman interested in fashion. During a recession, the First Lady should NEVER focus on fashion. She should be interacting with poor people and dressing modestly. Jacqueline Kennedy was not loved, she was admired. Eleanor Roosevelt was loved. Make your choice, Michelle.
8. Inform President Karzai of Afghanistan he has two choices. Choice one is appointing a Cabinet of business people, technocrats, academics and those with technical skills, Choice two is: if you do not appoint such a Cabinet, American armed forces will begin withdrawal on December 1, 2010.