Michele-It Was A Joke!

Michele Bachmann once again confused political analysts by claiming her remarks to Florida supporters about God sending Hurricanes and Earthquakes was simply a message to Washington D.C. politicians to listen to the American people. “I am a person who loves humor. I have a great sense of humor. Of course I was being humorous when I said that. It would be absurd to think it was anything else.”

OK, Michele, does that mean you were being humorous when you say we can create jobs by firing people? Is it a joke that lowering taxes on the wealthy will lead them to invest in new jobs? When you say wives should be submissive to husbands does that really mean you want them to boss around hubby? Honest Michele, it is mighty difficult telling when you are serious or when you are telling a joke.

Actually, the best joke you have told is offering your name for the candidacy of being president of the United States!