Mickey Mouse Denounced As Foreigner!

Irecently received a communication from Mickey Mouse in which he expressed concern  about his future status in Disneyland. He lacks citizenship, and, for all purposes can be viewed as an illegal immigrant. Mickey was worried that Tea Party folk might insist that only native born mice who are citizens of this great land, should be allowed to work in Disneyland, that center of American values. If we allow foreign born, non-citizens to take jobs, what happens to native born mice?

Imane Boudlal, is a naturalized citizen of the United States of America. She happens to be of the Muslim faith. While working at Disneyland in California, she was constantly harassed, insulted and called names such as “camel,” “terrorist” and for some strange reason, ‘Kunta Kine.” Imane went to supervisors who were indifferent to her pleas for aid. They did not like the fact she wore a hijab. In fact, they suggested she should work in the back so that customers would not see her in this foreign attire.

One supervisor told her that if she wore the hijab, it would “negatively affect patrons’ experience at Story tellers Cafe.” Gee whiz, now I know why my taco did not taste good yesterday, there was a woman wearing something on her head. Oh, my God, I think she poisoned me!!