Missing In Sri Lanka

Britiah Prime Minister David Cameron will be attending a meeting of the British Commonwealth of nations where he will demand that the government of Sri Lanka account for the lives of over 5700 people in that nation who are missing in action. The British Labor Party urged Cameron to boycott the meeting in Sri Lanka because its government has refused to explain what happened to thousands of Sri Lankans who surrendered after conclusion of its civil war four years ago. Foreign Minister William Hague said there were “appaling violations of human rights” following the conclusion of the brtual civil war when the army fnally crushed the Liberation Tigers of Tmil Eelam. Hague argued “we do no good for the situation in Sri Lanka by sitting on the sidelines.”

He is absolutely correct. Attend the meeting, demand answers to what happened to those people, and, then, if necessary, take steps against the government of Sri Lanka. Current leadership of Sri Lanka has missed an important step by not working with those who lost the civil war in creating a new era of peace and reconciliation.