Missouri Days And Nights

It is nearly fifty years since I made a great mistake in my life, I decided to live in the state of Missouri. Missouri is a state of mind. People in St. Louis judge individuals by the high school they attended, and if it was not the right one, then forget about entering my house! The state of Missouri has rural areas which still believe the Civil War is in full swing and they simply have to protect themselves from evil creatures who do not go to church on Sunday or believe the world is about 10,000 years in history. Several years ago the yahoos gained control of the State Legislature and devote their energies to passing bills that allow people to carry guns or reduce taxes on job creators or insist we all have to say, “under God” in the Pledge.

Seven Republicans now want to impeach Governor Jay Nixon, a Democrat because he committed three terrible crimes:

1. He ordered the State Department of Revenue to accept FEDERAL TAX RETURNS filed by same sex couples, in Missouri, we only believe in men and women getting a divorce.
2. He was not fast enough in filling vacant legislative seats.
3. He did not punish severely those in the Public Safety Department who allowed names of people to be revealed who had permits for gun permits.

Of course, Governor Nixon has the same last name as Richard Nixon which does raise questions as to whether this nation can long endure another Nixon.