Mistreatment Of Bradley Manning

There are hundreds waiting on death row who remain fully clothed throughout the day and night. There are thousands of serial rapists who go around the prison fully clothed, Bernie Madoff infuriated thousands of people and has been assaulted in prison but is still clothed and allowed to participate in most activities with other prisoners. But, Bradley Manning is a soldier who committed a heinous crime which prevents him from any normal existence in prison and he is stripped naked at night to supposedly protect himself against suicide. As his lawyer, David Coombs puts it: “There can be no conceivable justification for requiring a soldier to surrender all his clothing, and remain naked in his cell for seven hours.” Military officials hint he has become suicide prone. We suspect the treatment he received on entering the prison is a major reason for considering suicide.

No wealthy people who robbed thousands of their life savings has been treated in this manner. No serial rapist is treated in this manner. No murderer is treated in this fashion. But, Bradley Manning helped leak Widipedia records and thus is treated worse than any prisoner in any jail in America.