Mitt, Newt, and Rick On Afghanistan

Rick,Mitt, and Newt condemn the foreign policy of President Barack Obama in dealing with the Afghanistan war. In fact, Newt even wonders why this president got us involved in the war. From his viewpoint,  the Afghanistan war is “risking the lives of young men and women in a  mission that may not be doable.” As far as Mitt and Rick are concerned, it is all the fault of President Obama. They are shocked that he set a date to end the presence of American troops in Afghanistan.

Wait a second. As I recall, it was George Bush who sent US troops into Afghanistan. Perhaps my memory is playing tricks but I recall how Newt and Rick and Mitt hailed the  great leadership of President George Bush who launched wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. I simply do not recall a single comment from Mitt about”failed leadership” about George Bush in Afghanistan which he now hurls at Barack Obama.