Morsi Seeks Complete Power In Egypt

President Mahmoud Morsi is confronting an important challenge by those who wanted the Arab Spring to bring democracy to their country. Several months ago, secular, moderates, Christians, and religious minded Muslims joined hands in order to drive President Mubarak and his semi-dictatorial regime from power. Dreams of yesterday and being replaced with a tight controlled Muslim regime which seeks to compel moderate Egyptians to accept rule by clerics. Thousands of  Egyptians are taking to the streets in protest at President Morsi’s demand to end independence of the nation’s judiciary.

Once Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood control the country’s judicial system they will have gained complete control over all branches of government-executive, legislature, and judiciary. Since the military has been curbed there is no force left to challenge the Muslim Brotherhood which seeks to take Egypt back in time. Egypt needs bright secular minded people who can create a modern economy and this will not occur in a nation ruled by clerics.

Tourism is among the main industries in Egypt and once they enforce no drinking laws, that will end this industry.