Most Fascinating Person Of 2012?

Barbara Walters is going to designate General David Petraeus as the Most Fascinating Person of the Year. There is no question the former general, the former head of CIA, the former surge leader, the former guy who married the daughter of the general who headed West Point is one fascinating person. How many generals can conduct a war or head the CIA  while engaged in a torrid love affair? Of course, there are other candidates to consider:

John Boehner certainly must rate among the top candidates for a fascinating person. Heck, send the nation into an economic collapse, now that is more fascanting than fooling around with women.

How about Mitt Romney? Here is a man who easily could have become president but preferred displaying the most incompetent candidacy for president in American history. Now, THAT is fascinating.

There could be a joint Fascinating People of the Year award to: Santorum, Cain, Bachmann, Perry, Gingrich, Paul and God knows who else!