Musharraf Gone– Now What!

The Pakistan government for months has witnessed infighting and arguments concerning the best policy to pursue in order to reduce the power of President Musharraf or to get rid of their hated enemy. President Musharraf has resigned and now comes the hard part for the Pakistan government– what exactly are its economic policies and how does it intend to handle the militants in the northwest tribal areas. At present, the chief debate in the government is handling the issue of how or when to restore judges who were sacked by Musharraf last autumn. According to reports, the Pakistan People’s Party led by Asif Zardari are less inclined to restore the chief justice while its coalition partner, the Pakistan Muslim League-N, led by Nawaz Sharif are unable to reach an agreement on this point.

Pakistan faces serious economic problems and militancy is rampant in tribal regions, but the coalition government continue arguing as to which judges will be restored and which new ones added to the list. The old game of party politics is alive and well in Pakistan.

Of course, the main issue, which will undoubtedly create turmoil, is who replaces Musharraf as president. We can assume both Zardari and Sharif regard themselves as perfect candidates for the position.