Muslim Ambassadors Complain To Sweden Over Cartoons

Ambassadors from 20 Muslim nations protested to Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt about recent cartoons which depicted the Prophet Mohammed’s face on a dog. The Egyptian ambassador, Mohamed Sotouhi, argued “Muslims need legal protection against the desecration of the Prohpet Muhbammad, maybe something similar to the protection enjoyed by Jews and homosexuals.” He wants school curriculum to emphasize to pupils that “if they want to express their opinion, they have to do so in a way that doesn’t cause offence or hurt.” In essence, the ambassadors seek a balance between freedom of speech and not offending Muslims.

If the ideas suggested by the ambassadors were transformed into American law no one could attack President Bush. Ambassador Sotouhi represents a nation in which freedom of speech is rather limited, in fact, members of the Muslim Brotherhood are even deprived of the right to run for public office or express their views. For some reason, Mr. Sotouhi is not concerned when Muslim nations deny freedom of speech nor is he concerned when the feelings and bodies of Muslim leaders are damaged by government authorities.

Muslims live in he 21st century, a time when Internet, MySpace and dozens of other venues allow anyone to insult anyone. Welcome to modern times.